Growing the Corporate Tree

22nd July 2016

  For the past 6-12 months, here at Minesoft, we’ve been meticulous in keeping the Corporate Tree in PatBase as up to date as possible and to add a significant number of companies to the database. We now have 143,000… Read More >

New PatBase Thesaurus Goes Live!

19th July 2016

Minesoft is pleased to announce the release of an innovative new search interface development that has been added to PatBase. The new, multi-disciplinary “PatBase Thesaurus” offers new capability and features as well as incorporating previously available search functionality and options… Read More >

Using VOSviewer to create a heatmap

  VOSviewer is a new opportunity for viewing graphical representation of data to enhance PatBase Analytics. Users may find it beneficial to make use of the free VOSviewer tool that works well together with PatBase data. The software can be… Read More >

New patent office register links added to PatBase

  Today we have added over 25 new national office register links to PatBase, including such countries as Austria, Chile, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore and Vietnam. Where possible, we have linked to the legal status details for the publication… Read More >

New PatBase Thesaurus goes LIVE!

18th July 2016

At Minesoft, we have just released an innovative new feature as a part of the PatBase database. The multi-disciplinary thesaurus combines Chemical Search, Language Explorer, Dictionary and Thesaurus into one easy to use product, allowing you to drill down further… Read More >

The future of the Unitary Patent package

  In a recent blog, Benoit Battistelli, the President of the European Patent Office, stated his confidence that the UPC and unitary patent would go ahead with or without the UK. He made it clear that there was still a… Read More >