Compare patent portfolios using PatBase Analytics V3

30th September 2020

Recently, Nvidia, the American technology company most known for its graphics processing units (GPU) announced it will acquire Softbank owned Arm, a large player in semiconductor technology. Arm’s chips power over 95% of the world’s smartphone market as its primary… Read More >

Israel’s growing investment in intellectual property

23rd September 2020

In WIPO’s Global Innovation Index 2020, Chapter 12 looks at “Israel’s Challenging Transformation from Start-up Nation to Scale-up Nation”. Israel often ranks at the top in international innovation and entrepreneurship reports, as it boasts more start-ups per capita than any… Read More >

New Minesoft webinar series to introduce PatBase 2.0!

2nd September 2020

PatBase 2.0 will be launched next Monday, September 7th, 2020!   Following the launch of the new Search Engine, the Minesoft Support team will be running webinars for our customers to cover what is new in PatBase, PatBase Express and PatBase Analytics V3.  The well-liked previous syntax of commands is carried… Read More >

How the sports bra empowered women

26th August 2020

A recent feature by the USPTO called “Establishing the new fit” presents the inventors of the sports bra and their story, following their recent visit to the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum in the US. Polly Smith, Hinda Schreiber… Read More >

A peek at Minesoft home-working

19th August 2020

In these strange and uncertain times, all companies have had to find a way to adapt and evolve. At Minesoft, the entire team has been continuing to work hard from home over the past few months and we’re happy to… Read More >

The Invention of the Radio

12th August 2020

The radio has been an important invention for so many people in the UK recently. During the lockdown, millions tuned into British radio stations for news updates and entertainment broadcasts. BBC Radio has especially taken special measures to provide a… Read More >

Craft beers: Return of the British hop

5th August 2020

Beer in the UK As the weather has gotten warmer and restaurants, pubs and bars have reopened in the UK, more people are returning to popular pastimes in Britain. For some, this involves drinking local beer. The UK has a… Read More >