New enhancements to PatBase Analytics V2

28th June 2018

Minesoft has enhanced the powerful analysis platform incorporated in every subscription of flagship product, PatBase, the online patent searching database. Separate result sets can now be easily compared within PatBase Analytics V2. This new functionality makes it simple to compare… Read More >

Female inventors whose names you should know!

10th May 2018

Every April 26, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) celebrates World IP Day. This year’s campaign celebrated the brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity and courage of the women who are driving change in our world and shaping our common future. In honour… Read More >

Ranking Israeli universities by rate of patent application filing

2nd May 2018

Minesoft’s Israeli distributor, Inbar Yasur at Hipusit, has recently published an article on LinkedIn ranking Israeli universities by the rate of patent applications filed. Utilising the comprehensive and high-quality data in PatBase in combination with the powerful analysis functionalities available… Read More >

Minesoft launch quick analysis module for PatBase

18th April 2018

The transformed Snapshot tool provides fast insights into your data and helps to focus searching for end-users Leading patent solutions provider, Minesoft, has announced a new, quick snapshot analysis option in PatBase and PatBase Express, offering easy-to-understand visualisations that provide a… Read More >

The Power of Sharing: Disseminating IP information company-wide

6th April 2018

In an article recently published on LinkedIn, Caitlin Kavanagh – Marketing Executive at Minesoft – outlines the importance of effectively disseminating IP information throughout a company. For any innovation-driven industry, it’s crucial to be aware of the IP landscape in… Read More >

PatBase AnalyticsV2: A 21st Century Approach to Understanding your Data

28th March 2018

In an article recently published on LinkedIn, James Gray – Senior Software Developer at Minesoft – outlines the difficulties in understanding, interpreting and effectively visualising large datasets. Minesoft’s automated systems are constantly updated with highly complex worldwide patent information. To… Read More >