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Most companies that we speak to are still relying on static spreadsheets to manage their patent data and apply internal insights. This might be done by exporting a result set from whichever patent database the company uses, adding their own notes against publication numbers and then filing away this document. Once you start sharing this Excel file around, it can get messy fast. There’s a lot of room for error and no way to track who has added what. With limited searching capabilities in Excel, once the data has been exported it can be hard to manage and capture intelligence. More…

PatBase tips & tricks

Moira Sivills, Project Manager & Customer Success Executive, shares her top tips for PatBase users!

Searching classifications

It is faster and easier to search for relevant patent classifications using the Classification Finder tool, now supporting truncation and proximity operators. In the Search tab of the floating tool bar, select Classification Finder. Enter keywords to identify relevant classes to search in so you can find records of interest. Introducing truncation increases classification recall and using proximity can refine your classification search to relevant classes. These codes can be individually selected using the corresponding checkboxes and can be combined with any search query in your Search History.


patents for profit money tree
 Creative ways to use patents
for profit 

Managing a patent portfolio strategically can significantly boost bottom line profits. In this blog post, we list 3 creative ways to use patents for profit. Patents can be easily overlooked to generate profit once they have been secured because they are intangible assets. However, the commercialisation of a patent portfolio can generate cash flow directly to the bottom line through licensing, sale, or trade.  


Mixed reality
Mixed Reality is changing
the way we work, live
and play 

Mixed reality is changing the way we work, live and play

The graph below shows the Top 10 Probable Assignees by Applications & Grants for mixed reality, taken from PatBase Analytics V3. The integration of the real and virtual worlds to create new environments and visualisations in which physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time is known as mixed reality (MR). Microsoft has the highest number of grants and applications compared to its competitors. They have established themselves as leaders alongside Magic Leap Inc and are transforming the way we work, live, and play.  More…