Minesoft article featured in IPPro India

5th February 2018

Patents have become increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry. A new medicine can now exceed $2.6 billion to develop successfully, therefore pharmaceutical patents are crucial to give much needed protection to new compounds so that corporations can recoup their development… Read More >

Enhanced Legal Status Viewer in PatBase

24th November 2017

Being aware of the legal status of patents is critical in business. It is important to track your own portfolio and to keep an eye on when a competitor’s patents will expire since, once expired, anyone can use the patented… Read More >

NEW: PatBase Analytics V2.0

8th November 2017

Following a successful BETA period, a brand new PatBase Analytics V2.0 has been launched in PatBase. This new module offers analytics on up to 250,000 records with the availability of 3-dimensional analysis. The new version of Analytics is now available… Read More >