Minesoft presents at CEPIUG alongside Umicore Germany

3rd July 2018

This September, Minesoft will be partnering with Umicore Germany for a presentation at CEPIUG in Milan, Italy. Minesoft Director, Jochen Lennhof will be speaking alongside Dirk Rattat, Patent Engineer and Senior Information Scientist at Umicore. The implementation of an efficient… Read More >

Minesoft launch quick analysis module for PatBase

18th April 2018

The transformed Snapshot tool provides fast insights into your data and helps to focus searching for end-users Leading patent solutions provider, Minesoft, has announced a new, quick snapshot analysis option in PatBase and PatBase Express, offering easy-to-understand visualisations that provide a… Read More >

Minesoft launch enhanced Legal Status Viewer for PatBase

24th November 2017

The PatBase Legal Status Viewer is one of the most comprehensive available, as it brings together data from a variety of sources, including information directly from European, American and Japanese National Patent Offices, as well as other legal status data… Read More >

NEW: PatBase Analytics V2.0

8th November 2017

Following a successful BETA period, a brand new PatBase Analytics V2.0 has been launched in PatBase. This new module offers analytics on up to 250,000 records with the availability of 3-dimensional analysis. The interface and design has been updated, granting… Read More >