Minesoft awarded LegalTech Company of the Year by ACQ5

18th December 2020

At Minesoft, our priority is the encouragement of innovation and the global spread of technical information. Minesoft provides the trusted patent search, delivery and analysis tools of many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 corporations, law firms, academic institutions, and SMEs worldwide. We… Read More >

Minesoft launches new IP collaboration tool, IPShare

8th April 2019

Minesoft, a leading online solutions provider for the Intellectual Property (IP) sector, has announced the release of a brand-new online application suitable for Patent Attorney firms, Patent Search firms, and other IP professionals. The new software makes it easy for… Read More >

Minesoft add powerful Semantic Search module to PatBase

28th November 2016

Minesoft has developed a new, powerful Semantic Search module for PatBase, the advanced search resource used worldwide by patent experts and professionals to research patent documents in-depth. In addition, Minesoft has added it to the user-friendly PatBase Express, used across… Read More >

Minesoft announces Non-Patent Literature Module for PatBase

25th November 2016

Intellectual property information specialists Minesoft have released their new Non-Patent Literature search module making it easier and more efficient to uncover relevant prior art when applying for patent protection or fighting against patent infringement. Minesoft has added the new search… Read More >

The future of the Unitary Patent package

18th July 2016

  In a recent blog, Benoit Battistelli, the President of the European Patent Office, stated his confidence that the UPC and unitary patent would go ahead with or without the UK. He made it clear that there was still a… Read More >

Enhanced Patent Legal Status Tools in PatBase

30th March 2016

Recognising the increasing need for accurate, easily accessible and interpretable patent legal status data, Minesoft and RWS Group introduce enhanced legal status tools to PatBase, the global patent database. In April 2013 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched a… Read More >