This year, a Minesoft article exploring innovative solutions to the current rising temperatures in cities around the globe was featured in IPPro Annual. James Cooper, Customer Support Executive, explained how PatBase and PatBase Analytics V2 can be used to examine a “hot” technology area.

Those of us living in Europe will not be surprised to hear that our cities are getting hotter. After a scorcher of a summer, the trend in global temperature can hardly be denied, with the earth predicted to warm by 2◦C by the end of this century. The 10 hottest years on record have all been within the past 15 years, and with denser populations and energy networks, cities suffer worst from the increase due to the heat island effect: The air temperature of a city with 1 million inhabitants can be between 1-3◦ C warmer than its surroundings.

Using Minesoft’s suite of patent searching tools, you can easily search for and identify patents for a range of technologies and processes, including keeping your cool! Accessing this trove of potential solutions can help companies and governments gain insight into how others are tackling an issue to inform their own responses. With over 60 full text collections including original non-Latin data, PatBase can provide access to all patent literature generated from these key jurisdictions.

In just a few minutes, PatBase can identify key players in the space for licensing agreements to the latest technologies and locate expired IP that is open for utilisation. Whether you have a practical problem to solve, valuable IP you wish to keep track of, or competitors to monitor, Minesoft’s solutions have you covered.

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