Investigating the cybersecurity technology area



The field of Cybersecurity has grown at an astonishing rate over the last 50 years. With the increasing adoption of computer systems, the Internet, and wireless networks, and due to the growth of “smart devices” like smartphones, televisions and tiny devices that make up the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity is of growing importance. Businesses around the world are benefiting from being connected to the global data network, but simultaneously put themselves at risk of cyber theft and security breaches. The innovation in this technology area is clearly shown in the patent trends.

Taking advantage of the high-quality data available in PatBase, Patinformatic’s Tony Trippe has created an updated patent landscape report, drawing insights from 4x the amount of data than in the previous report. The powerful PatBase Analytics V3 processed hundreds of thousands of patent documents in the Cybersecurity landscape to deliver filing trends by country, assignee and more.