E-Support from Minesoft – a growing

E-Support from Minesoft – a growing resource

There are some exciting new additions to the Minesoft Knowledge Hub and Webinar schedule to support our Users and the wider community learn more about IP and the capabilities of Minesoft’s information solutions while many continue to work remotely.

Strategic IP Webinars:

Minesoft’s Strategic IP webinars are free online webinars available to all. The next webinar will be held on December 15th at 11 am (ET) led by PatInfomatic USA’s Tony Trippe who will be exploring the Cybersecurity landscape and demonstrate how to recreate similar patent landscape reports for any technology area.

“As most industries are embracing the changes that digitalisation and automation bring, companies need to manage the new threats that come with it. Companies will be vulnerable if their cybersecurity capabilities fail to keep pace with the accelerated digital transformation and increased remote working that coronavirus has necessitated. As evolving cyberattacks threaten significant costs, companies have no choice but to act decisively to reduce risk exposure.”

If you can’t join the live session – don’t worry! The session will be recorded and sent directly to all registrants by email the following day.

Register for the Cybersecurity webinar here!

Minesoft Knowledge Hub Tutorials:

Since many of our valued customers are currently working remotely, the Minesoft Support team has been developing more e-support resources to ensure Users can access in-depth training in a timely manner. Though we miss seeing our customers in person for training sessions, we have found that videos are an effective way to guide and demonstrate the capabilities of Minesoft solutions. These short video tutorials are accessible to our customers at any time and from anywhere in the world!

The Video Library is available inside Minesoft’s Knowledge Hub, the resource centre for training videos, documents and FAQ answers. Access the Minesoft Knowledge Hub from Help drop-down in PatBase, PatBase Express and IPShare or from the footer in PatDocs. Here you will find short video tutorials, previous webinar recordings and case studies. Currently available are tutorials on TextMine, the PatBase Thesaurus and Working With Folders, with many additional topics coming soon!

Additional information can be found on the recently transformed FAQ page. Providing easy access to all FAQ answers for PatBase Express, PatBase and PatBase Analytics V3.

Training Webinars:

We look forward to being able to travel to our customers for training sessions and run the Minesoft Roadshow as soon as it is responsible to travel again. In the meantime, we continue to offer unlimited virtual training and e-support to our customers. Email us at [email protected] to request a personalised training session for an individual or whole team. We still offer full-day training sessions by request.

The Minesoft Support team is also continuing to host scheduled monthly training webinars for new and experienced users. Register your interest by signing up here. From January 2021, the webinar topics will be Getting Started with PatBase, PatBase Express: An Introduction, and a brand-new webinar series called PatBase Tips & Tricks which is designed for all PatBase Users, regardless of experience, to cover any recent updates to the PatBase platform and to demonstrate how to use functions in PatBase to enhance the user experience and improve patent search strategies.

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