Extracting chemical information from patents at a reasonable cost?

Up until recently, chemical information in patents was only available through a number of well-established databases which rely on manual indexing. However, access to this information comes at a significant cost. A new product from Minesoft, Chemical Explorer, has given users an alternative and at a reasonable, all-inclusive subscription based cost.

Chemical Explorer uses data-mining technology to extract and index chemical entities disclosed within the full text of patent documents. As well as covering English language authorities, Chemical Explorer extracts chemical information from the non-Latin text of Chinese, Japanese and Korean patents. This technology opens up a new world of chemical prior art where, compared to manual indexing, there is no limit to the number of chemicals identified per document, no indexing policy dictating what is identified and indexed, and where previously unidentified non-Latin chemicals are made available to all.

With the ability to easily draw/import a chemical structure or retrieve a chemical structure from a name or even a CAS Registry number, Minesoft Chemical Explorer allows both chemists and non-chemists to complete a structure based search. Structure hits are retrieved instantaneously with details of the compound and links to external resources such as PubChem. The number of patent documents disclosing the structure is also identified and is seamlessly linked to PatBase, the global patent database created by Minesoft in partnership with RWS, for further review.

Described as “ground-breaking” by one user, Minesoft Chemical Explorer aims to open up the world of patent chemistry to a wider audience. To arrange a demonstration and free trial, go to or contact us on [email protected] for more information.

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