chemical entities

Patent protection benefits innovators because it secures market exclusivity to the technology when the patent is granted. Concurrently, this process also benefits external innovators as a contingency of a patent application is that it must publicly disclose the technical details of the invention. For professionals in pharmaceutical, biochemistry, engineering, and other technical fields, patents are a valuable source of new information. Patents are often the first place where chemical entities are disclosed publicly.

However, identifying chemical information in patents has previously been challenging, relying on only a small handful of well-established chemical databases. These resources relied on costly and manual chemical indexing providing slow information transfer. However, Minesoft has designed a cost-effective solution for chemical searching within patent documents to accelerate chemical review. Ensuring scientific researchers can efficiently extract chemical information embedded in lengthy patent documents as soon as they are published.

Chemical Explorer is a database of chemical entities extracted from the full text and images of global patent documents. At the time of writing, Chemical Explorer contains over 22 million unique chemical compounds.

New chemicals are indexed every day from new patent documents in Chemical Explorer, which is a huge benefit compared to the manual extraction processes usually used in the chemical domain. The daily updates to the chemical database ensure users have access to the very latest and cutting-edge information within the chemical field.

In Chemical Explorer, users can search chemicals by name or by drawing the chemical structure on the canvas. Draw any type of chemical structure by combining shapes and elements and attaching bonds and charges. Use the chemical name or drawing to run an identity, similarity (based on the Tanimoto threshold) or substructure search. Any number of results can be viewed in Minesoft’s TextMine for detailed review.

Extract the chemical within patents full texts using the natural language processing solution, Minesoft’s TextMine, which identifies key terms/concepts within long patent texts. This is an ideal solution for chemical researchers to find mentions of chemical and technical information quickly. TextMine extracts chemicals, genes, proteins, diseases, and physical parameters disclosed in full patent texts, helping IP and R&D professionals to navigate directly to relevant claims or technical descriptions. The automatic highlighting is applied to categories of terms within TextMine to speed up the patent review process.

Minesoft offers commitment-free two-week free trials of Chemical Explorer. Contact us at [email protected] to register your interest, or click here to see more information about Chemical Explorer.