Press release

A unique agreement between the Israeli Patent Office and British database producers Minesoft and RWS Group has enabled the inclusion in PatBase of full-text Israeli patents from the early 1970s to today. PatBase includes data for over 100 patent-issuing authorities with 25 full-text collections.

According to CofaceBDI, Israel’s largest Business Information Group, the number of Israeli patents registered in the USA jumped 21% in 2014. “Israeli innovation is widely respected, punching well above its weight in global patenting, innovation and scientific research and named as 5th overall in the Bloomberg Tech Index this year. We would like to thank the Israeli Patent Office, WIPO and also our distributor in Israel, Hipusit, for their assistance in adding this new patent data for our users worldwide” says Ann Chapman-Daniel, Co-founder of Minesoft. PatBase is currently the only commercially available patent database in the world containing searchable full-text Israeli patent information, enabling researchers to perform more extensive Freedom-to-Operate searches. Israeli full-text is available to search in English in PatBase and Hebrew text can be machine translated.

As 10% of Israeli patents are registered in Israel with no equivalent filings abroad, PatBase offers users a distinct advantage in providing early, searchable access to this collection. Owing to the time-saving patent family structure of PatBase and the fact that over 100 patent jurisdictions are covered, additional data will be retrieved simultaneously on the whole family of patents related to an invention, including full-text in a variety of languages.

Combined with the sophisticated functionality available in PatBase including advanced highlighting review tools, cross-lingual search options and integrated PatBase Analytics, the new data addition offers more comprehensive and thorough search and analysis of Israeli innovation.

For more information or to request a free PatBase trial to explore the new data, patent information users based in Israel should contact Hipusit, Minesoft’s representative in Israel, on +972 4 6013103 or (