Join Minesoft’s innovation experts in a new series of exclusive live IP webinars to learn how you can improve your own innovation strategy. Many R&D professionals overlook the importance of doing patent research before starting projects, exposing them to threats from disruptive innovators, competitors and wasted time, money and effort.

It is estimated by WIPO that on average, 70% of the technical details found in patent documents are never published anywhere else. The technical information and business intelligence generated by the patenting process can spark new ideas and promote new inventions from which we can all benefit and which may, in turn, qualify for patent protection. In addition, this information can be mapped offering policymakers useful insights about where technology R&D is taking place and by whom.

The first webinar with Minesoft’s Head of Support and Training, Mie Rasmussen, was a great success. The webinar, titled “Why are patents important for R&D?” shined a light on patents as a transformative research strategy which helps many companies to stay ahead of the curve and armed with know-how. If you missed the webinar (or would like to see it again), you can still watch the recording here.

As a company, we understand the global importance of patent research, so this month we will be repeating our first Strategic IP Webinar in Portuguese. Minesoft’s Alexander Spencer, who may be well-known already for his work with companies across Europe and South America, will be hosting the webinar in Portuguese on 22nd July 2020. To register for this webinar, please click here.

In August, we will be continuing the Strategic IP Webinar series with a new webinar on “Patent Landscape Analysis in Six Simple Steps”. Patent landscape reports are a popular search report, especially for R&D users, that are intended to give an overview or landscape of the patents covering a particular type of technology. They can inform policy discussions, strategic research planning or technology transfer.

Common uses for a patent landscape:

  • Defining and discovering whitespace
  • Understanding the current competitive landscape
  • Predicting where your market is heading
  • Identifying acquisition, licensing, targets or collaboration opportunities
  • Spotting trends in your space to aid investments
  • Finding inventors active in a particular area, for headhunting and recruiting purposes.

If this seems like it could be of interest to you, sign up for the second in our series of Strategic IP Webinars, on Patent Landscape Analysis in Six Simple Steps, on 20th August 2020, at 3pm BST here.