Minesoft’s dedicated Development Team is consistently evolving and improving our digital IP solutions to enhance the experience of our Users. The recent enhancements to IPShare, the web-based collaboration tool that helps teams organise and review patent and non-patent literature, introduces new features in the analytics tool Snapshot and improvements to reviewing documents.

Snapshot: New charts for labels and ranks, and new custom display options

Snapshot is the intuitive analytics tool integrated with IPShare. There are two new charts available for analyzing project activity! See how documents in the projects have been ranked and labelled by your team. Quickly identify from these charts the number of yet to be ranked or labelled documents in the project, and the perceived quality of the documents contained.

IPShare new charts

On the Snapshot analysis page, users can now add or remove charts displayed to create a customised analytics dashboard.

IPShare chart display options

Improved document display for speeding up the review

Users can choose to display up to 100 rows of data across multiple tables, for example when viewing documents, projects and users lists. Scroll through large datasets quicker by not having to move to the next page as frequently.

The sort and filtering options have also been improved so now the order of documents will be retained in the individual document view when moving to the Next or Previous document!

Users can now export patent drawings

Users can export any project into an Excel document. There’s now an option to include patent drawings in the export, alongside other custom export settings including a PDF, Legal Status and TextMine link, plus additional filtering and sort options.

Exported images

IPShare is an easy to use LegalTech solution that helps IP teams collaborate more efficiently online. Review patent and non-Patent literature easily in one location at any time and from anywhere. It has been especially valuable to our Users during this Covid period where many are remote working. When our users return to the office they can continue exactly where they left off, thanks to IPShare!

Try the new IPShare enhancements for yourself by registering for a free trial! All you will need to do is get a team signed up and then you can start collaborating on a custom project immediately. For more information click here: