Latest IPShare updates deliver
enhanced analysis, exports and user

IPShare combines quality-checked comprehensive data with high-level features. Users can store, review, rank, highlight and organise patent documents and non-patent literature on an easy-to-use and fully web-based platform which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. IPShare has adapted the use of high-quality patent data – once only available in online solutions for high stakes professional searching, legal status monitoring and competitive intelligence tools – into a document management & collaboration tool. Keep reading to find out more about the latest updates to IPShare.

Snapshot: Summary Analysis of a Project

Introducing Snapshot to IPShare! Snapshot is a useful tool to see a summary of patent document information such as the top assignees and jurisdictions within a collection of patents. Intuitive graphs illustrate your project in a visual way, supporting better comprehension and enabling faster critical decision-making.

Users can now view simple graphical analyses of documents in a project with a single click. The map view showing number of documents by jurisdiction can be transformed into a bar graph by clicking on the blue graph icon in the top right corner. See also the number of documents by assignee, documents by year and a timeline of activity from users in the project (for example, when annotations or labels were applied by colleagues).

IPShare Snapshot Analytics

Export more information!

Exports now include associated labels, rankings and annotations on the first page of the Excel export. Furthermore, the patent family number and assignees are included in the export document.

The Excel exports are easily sharable with colleagues, clients and end-users, even if they are not IPShare subscribers, to keep them informed on the progress of a project or to share vital information.

IPShare Excel Export

Enhanced User Permissions

Users with Write Permissions on a project now have the ability to set the notification intervals for all other users in the project. The notification interval determines the frequency users receive update emails when changes have occurred on a project.

This update ensures users in a project are guaranteed to be kept informed of changes and are alerted about items to review via email, allowing for frictionless collaboration!

IPShare User Interval Permission

IPShare aims to help teams boost efficiency through teamwork. Permission levels per user is completely customisable and user groups can be utilised to add the same teams to different projects. Additionally, all changes made on projects are tracked in the Activity Feed and a summary of changes are emailed to users to ensure everyone is up to date on the project. Collaborating over IP documents with global teams and clients has never been easier!

Find out more about the recent IPShare updates by contacting the team at [email protected] or visit our website here:

Already an IPShare user? All new updates to the platform are listed under Enhancements (found under Help) when logged in:

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