machine translation

The team at Victor Green recently published an article on Artificial intelligence and machine translations of patents, studying the new combined Latin, non-Latin and machine translation index on PatBase 2.0. Using artificial intelligence inventions concerning dogs as the topic of research, Green et al. outline the various methods available on PatBase 2.0 to translate search terms and discuss how the new search engine simplifies and more accurately finds machine translations of global patents.

This study explores how machine translations in patent search platforms like PatBase, open the possibilities for users to review international search results in the reader’s language and to provide translations of keywords to broaden the search strategy across global patent databases.

This study was conducted before PatBase 2.0 was officially launched in September this year. It is now even easier with the added capabilities of the new PatBase to combine different languages in one search query such as Japanese and Chinese with English and German, and review and share original and machine translated patent text!

Read Victor Green’s article on the Minesoft Library “Artificial intelligence and machine translations of patents: Artificial intelligence can even benefit dogs!”.

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