Minesoft offers several types of Alerting Services to track crucial patent information. These include PatBase Alerts, PAIR Alerts, Legal StatusTracker Alerts and CiteTracker Alerts. Here you will find a description of each option and how they can benefit you. This year, you can save your team hours of manual clicking and bypass repetitive checking assignments by setting up alerts early.

PatBase Alerts

PatBase Alerts can be created by any user within PatBase. Alerts are based on search queries which use the same search language as the regular PatBase search. This means that once you have perfected your search query, you can copy or import it into an Alert at any point. Receive alert notifications directly to your email when there is new information related to the search. This saves you time by removing the need to re-run the search manually in the Search History each week/month. PatBase Alerts can be sent to multiple email addresses at once, even to non-PatBase Users! Track new families and/or new publications that match your search with ease. Our very popular PatBase Alerts are great for scoping a technology landscape!

PAIR Alerts (USA)

US PAIR Alerts are a comprehensive and cost-effective way to track key competitors’ applications. Receive a summary directly to your inbox of all legal status changes, file history, transaction history and continuity data for selected applications. Each application update is accompanied by an interactive and sharable family tree, showing the full account of patent relationships in the style of a genealogy tree. Alerts include updates even when child records have been filed but are not yet published, adding additional warning of future filing. Save time and effort by removing the need to regularly visit Patent Office websites for these updates. See which patent applications pose a risk or opportunity for your company by receiving key information quickly through PAIR Alerts.

US PAIR family tree

Legal StatusTracker Alerts (International Legal Status monitoring)

Stay on top of legal status events as they occur over the lifetime of key patents by setting up Legal StatusTracker Alerts to deliver this information to your inbox. Eliminate the need for lengthy manual legal status checks. Legal StatusTracker Alerts can be customised to your preference, whether you want to know all legal status changes or to be notified when only specific legal status events occur. Legal StatusTracker makes it easy to manage hundreds or even thousands of patent families. This Minesoft Alert Service is designed to support Patent Attorneys, Lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D Information professionals, Search Firms and Licensing & Technology Transfer in managing internal and external patent portfolios.

CiteTracker Alerts

Improve your awareness of all new cited patents with Minesoft’s CiteTracker Alerts. Watch any patent for new citations being added and have all updates delivered to your inbox by email in a concise report. CiteTracker takes into account newly created patent families ensuring you do not miss any valuable new citation information. Benefit from CiteTracker’s unique visualization tools, filtering, reporting and sharing options to identify relevant information quickly, giving you and your team a competitive edge over your field. Tools to help you speed up citation review include the ability to filter out self-citations, by examiner category code and jurisdiction.

Get in touch with Minesoft today to find out more information about the Alert Services we offer and get set up with Alerts in no time! Email us at [email protected] and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.