Press release

London, September 24th,  2014 – PatBase Express, the online searchable patent database created by Minesoft and RWS Group, benefits from powerful new Patent Analytics software, a Corporate Tree feature and sophisticated patent Legal Status review functionality.

Gain Competitive Intelligence With PatBase Analytics Software

Brand new patent analytics software has been added to PatBase Express, enabling users to analyse extensive sets of tens of thousands of patent records instantaneously and gain insights into technology trends, opportunities and competitor activity. The software, developed in-house by Minesoft’s patent information specialists, has been designed to process large patent data sets at high speeds to produce interactive, clear graphs and charts in minutes, with additional customisation options including an analytics dashboard with widgets.

Ann Chapman, Minesoft Director, said, “We designed PatBase Express to be a versatile, intuitive patent search platform for end-users. With the growing emphasis on extracting meaningful insights from search results and producing clear, visual reports, introducing a sophisticated Analytics module to the interface was the next logical step.”

Corporate Tree Tackles Complexities Of Searching By Patent Assignee Name

In conjunction with the Analytics software, Minesoft and RWS Group introduced a Corporate Tree feature to PatBase Express in September. Currently available in BETA, the Corporate Tree provides a quick and easy way to identify subsidiaries and other affiliations of a chosen company in order to include all related companies in a single search. Based on a corporate relationship database complied in-house, the “Tree will continue to grow as more corporate affiliations are identified – over 20,000 companies have already been added. The new tool helps searchers to overcome the obstacles of complex corporate mergers, acquisitions and ownerships,” added Chapman.

These new features follow the introduction earlier in 2014 of a sophisticated patent Legal Status tool to PatBase Express, with an interactive Timeline designed to speed up the review of complex patent legal status information and a Reassignment Browser to help users understand the history of ownership of a patent.