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Intellectual property information specialists Minesoft have released their new Non-Patent Literature search module making it easier and more efficient to uncover relevant prior art when applying for patent protection or fighting against patent infringement. Minesoft has added the new search capability to PatBase, giving users access to 12 major sources of non-patent and scientific literature including Science Direct, Scopus, PubMed and Google Scholar.

Using a basic keyword search or an advanced multiple field search, users can identify relevant literature from a variety of key innovation disciplines including medicine, agriculture, general science, computing & engineering. Covering clinical trials, conference publications, journal articles and thesis documents, the new module grants unparalleled access to scientific literature alongside the 100 million plus patent documents already within PatBase; thus enhancing the efficiency with which PatBase users can search and identify relevant literature and ensuring PatBase users always have emerging technology trends at their fingertips.

The module automatically de-duplicates non-patent literature identified across multiple sources and provides the ability to export data in Excel or RIS format. According to Global Innovation Senior Manager, Dr Robert Poolman “the addition of the nonpatent literature module to PatBase gives our users access to a wealth of knowledge from many different disciplines and which can be searched from the same PatBase platform, making it easier and more efficient for our users to uncover relevant prior art.” The NPL module is fully implemented within PatBase and PatBase Express and is available at no additional cost to all subscribers.


Press Contact: James Cooper ([email protected])

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