MINESOFT & CENTREDOC create a bridge between PatBase and RAPID platforms

Minesoft have recently collaborated with Centredoc, the Business Intelligence specialist, to create a link between patent information issued from PatBase and Centredoc’s business intelligence platform RAPID.

For any company wishing to complete a technological watch strategy, a trustworthy source of data is a necessity. Minesoft and Centredoc have come together to combine a modern and secure platform, designed expressly for business intelligence, with data that you and your company can rely on.

Minesoft develops specialist software solutions in the Intellectual Property (IP) field, providing international patent databases, competitive intelligence, analytics and customised archive solutions. Minesoft serves many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies around the world as well as Patent Offices, IP Law firms and Patent Attorney firms. Minesoft’s flagship product, PatBase, hosts more than 111 million patent documents from over 100 countries, including 44 full text authorities – currently the largest private collection in the world.

RAPID is a complete technology monitoring solution, a unique product enabling users to manage, all of the company’s strategic information flows (patents, scientific publications, web and internal information) on one easy to use platform.

Ann Chapman, Co-Founder at Minesoft, explains: “Centredoc is an important player of our industry with more than 50 years of history, well established in the Swiss Horology sector. Facilitating the export of our patent data into the RAPID platform opens interesting prospects in the Swiss and European markets as well as offering our users an access to a modern platform and highly secured to manage their technological watches.”

David Borel, Business Development Manager at Centredoc adds: “As a patent information professional for more than 15 years, I am proud of this partnership with Minesoft, one of the most respected players in our industry. From now on, we will be able to offer our customers who run their patent searches and watches on PatBase to export the results directly in the RAPID platform. This is a very important step towards the autonomy of our users in the management of their patent results. Until now, this was a complex task which required a technical assistance.”

The RAPID export is immediately available in PatBase. The PatBase upload filter is now enabled in RAPID4, the newest version launched by Centredoc in February 2017.

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