Minesoft co-founder Ann Chapman
featured in The 30 Powerful Leaders in Business category in Insight Success magazine

Ann Chapman was recently interviewed by Insight Success magazine as a result of her being listed as one of the 30 Powerful Leaders in Business.

Minesoft was co-founded in 1996 by husband and wife team Ann Chapman and Ophir Daniel but Ann already had many years of experience working in the Information Industry and more specifically in the patent information field. Her career began, for example, working with renowned publishing company Thomson Reuters where she was sent all over the world to visit clients and secure business.

After gaining vital experience of the professional world, she took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world. As a businessperson, Ann gives special attention to Marketing, PR and Finance operations to a great level. Besides these, she is very much active in developing the skill sets and management team to boost organizational efficiency and productivity.

She gives special credit to her husband for her remarkable success as the MD of Minesoft. Ophir drives innovation through product design, development and IT infrastructure. He is a genius innovator who has a new idea every day. He grew up as an engineer on a kibbutz in Israel, a big collective farm with advanced manufacturing facilities. Rahman Hyatt, Board Director, is another key person at Minesoft, who has assisted significantly towards the growth of the company.

Ann’s achievements have been making waves, as she was awarded the Best Female Entrepreneur in a Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in southwest London. The judges remarked that Minesoft has a sound business strategy and execution that demonstrates well across all disciplines, from people management and customer service to innovation and product development. Ann also devotes much of her spare time to industry associations, the local community and several charitable organisations.

Read Ann’s interview with Insight Success here.

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