Press release

Novaro’s new book, Winning with IP: Managing High-Growth Intellectual Property, is a curated collection of chapters by patent experts about how intellectual property is a valuable asset to foster growth post-Covid and throughout the new decade.

Minesoft’s chapter, entitled Competitive Intelligence for High-Growth Ventures authored by Caitlin Kavanagh, explains why patents are a strong indicator of growth and when effectively analysed on a powerful patent database such as PatBase, can provide innovative companies with new insights to effectively navigate highly competitive technology landscapes. It is a must-read chapter for anyone looking to decide where to focus time, effort, and money to achieve the best return on investment.

This Winning with IP book is a practical guide for entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives to put IP at the heart of their companies and deliver on their business goals. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field of patents with experience working with top growing companies, who are sharing their knowledge and expertise to help businesses protect themselves and grow to their full potential in globally competitive markets. Minesoft, the global patent solutions provider, is honoured to be featured alongside fellow distinguished contributing organisations including the European Patent Office, Licensing Executives Society International, High Growth Enterprise Taskforce and more.

“This book gives a series of insights and lessons into how IP inspires and fuels growth globally.” Explains Caitlin Kavanagh, Global Marketing Manager at Minesoft. “In Minesoft’s chapter, we focus on patents as a strategic resource for high growth SMEs. Looking at how this data can be used to steer R&D in the right direction and provide insights into competitor activity, potential collaborators, technology trends and opportunities in a given market.”

Winning with IP: Managing High-Growth Intellectual Property is available to purchase now as a physical copy or ebook from Novaro’s website. Use the discount code 25off-ip2 for 25% off!