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Minesoft & Darts-ip announce a new global case law information service within PatBase

PatBase, the leading searchable global database of patents, utility models and designs co-produced by RWS PLC and Minesoft, will soon be enhanced by the extensive Darts-ip collection of patent/IP litigation data.  Direct Links from PatBase will lead to detailed disclosures in the rapidly growing global Darts-ip Case Law database.

This new partnership offers IP search professionals and IP lawyers an excellent way to locate, track and view the complex area of litigation within the IP landscape. Users can search and view well-organised, extensive bibliographic, legal status and full-text patent data from over 100 countries, alongside unique case law data – accessing patent validity status, ongoing litigation, party’s aggressiveness – via one unique, detailed search platform designed for Intellectual Property experts.

Minesoft develops web-based patent search & software solutions offering searchable databases, competitive intelligence tracking, patent analytics and customised corporate knowledge management. Minesoft’s clients include Fortune 500/FTSE 100 type companies around the world, national IP Offices, IP Legal and Patent Attorney firms. PatBase is a very large, curated, private collection of patents, utility models and industrial designs containing 125 million documents at the time of writing from over 100 countries, over 60 of which can be searched and viewed in full-text with high quality machine translations and a variety of interface languages (e.g. English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish) available.

Darts-ip is a fast-growing global database of case law information, containing over 3.2 million cases in 6 distinct areas of Intellectual Property: patent, trademark, copyright, design & model, domain names and unfair competition. The exclusive document gathering structure combined with uniquely designed analysis capabilities provides an unprecedented collection of IP Case Law data.

“Darts-ip will help PatBase clients access, unravel and leverage the power of this hard-to-find litigation data and complements the enhanced Legal Status data module we added last year. We look forward to working with Darts-ip, whose data we admire and know is hard to gather from the variety of international sources required”. – Ann Chapman-Daniel, Minesoft Co-Founder/Director

“The combination of PatBase’s exhaustive patent database and Darts-ip’s litigation data provides a unique opportunity for patent professionals to streamline and target their searches. We look forward to providing this double insight for our clients and working with PatBase.” –  Eric Sergheraert, Darts-ip Legal Patent Manager.

For more information, contact Minesoft today at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)20 8404 0651.

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