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Minesoft featured in ECI Growth
Survey 2018

Minesoft was recently featured as a case study in the ECI Growth Survey 2018, highlighting the strength and vitality of the UK’s growth companies. 

ECI is the UK’s leading growth-focussed private equity firm, for more than 42 years they have invested in the business and financial services, consumer, and TMT sectors. The annual survey is an opportunity to listen to and learn from the businesses that form the backbone of the UK economy. The featured case studies reinforce the achievements of UK growth companies in relation to productivity and innovation: they are companies that put productivity at the heart of their business, eliminate inefficiencies and exhibit the kind of growth that less agile businesses are incapable of achieving. These surveys are conducted to give everyone insight into strategies and ideas that businesses use to become who they are and see what they contribute to the economy. Surveys in all sectors are an important tool to use, there is now survey software here, that can be utilized to make it easier for businesses to get started on their surveys and provide the outcomes required by the industry.

Minesoft was thrilled be included as a case study in the survey. Co-founder, Ann Chapman sat down with ECI to talk about Minesoft’s efforts to remain ahead of the curve in the patent information industry.

Patents are a vital weapon in the armoury of any innovative company operating today, from the small, burgeoning university spin-out companies dotted around research parks to some of the world’s largest tech giants whose high-profile patent litigation cases dominate the headlines. In an increasingly competitive environment, companies protect and distinguish themselves through building and maintaining their patent portfolios, and regularly reviewing and monitoring published patent literature is a crucial part of this process.

The key behind attaining and maintaining a strong patent portfolio is having access to comprehensive patent data. Minesoft’s flagship product, PatBase, is a searchable patent database relied on by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, helping to drive innovation forward globally.

It is a niche but competitive industry, one of the ways in which Minesoft stays ahead of rivals by ensuring that the data available in our online patent search, analysis and monitoring tools is of unimpeachable quality. Starting with high-quality data is crucial to the accuracy and precision of any patent search and analysis. The data quality in PatBase is maintained by a close working relationship with the big 5 patent offices, making thousands of error corrections to the data we receive and combining it with additional information to add quality to the end file.

The 2018 Growth Survey paints a positive picture of the productivity of top firms. These high achievers make a proportional difference to the wider UK economy. By sharing their strategies and experience, their ability to drive efficiencies will inspire many other businesses to be less “snail-like” as well.

Download a free copy of the survey here:

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