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In February, Minesoft‘s experienced Patent Agent Jason Resnick was interviewed by CIO applications, after they featured Minesoft in a special edition magazine as a top 10 enterprise search solution provider for 2019. In his interview, Jason explains how clients face daily difficulties due to the volume and complexity of patent data currently available, and how Minesoft’s suite of patent solutions, high-quality patent data and strong customer service overcame these challenges.

The article, Minesoft Turning Patent Information into Insight, outlined two important reasons behind Minesoft’s successfully high client retention rates in the patent database industry. Firstly, our flagship product – PatBase is a fully integrated product with Analytics, Legal Status, Citations and many other tools included with no hidden fees! Secondly, the Minesoft Support team continue to make sure clients understand and know how to use the product through unlimited trainings. Therefore, ensuring clients get the most out of their subscription.

Our clients range from professional patent attorney search firms to Fortune 500/FTSE companies, who use our tools to harness the power of patent information and exploit the commercial value of IP and scientific information throughout the innovation process. The aim of Minesoft is to ensure the products developed continue to assist companies to harness the world’s innovations. This motivation led to the creation of PatDocs – the new legal tool to streamline the workload of IP professionals. In this coming year, Minesoft are excited to soon be introducing a new, even more, powerful search engine for PatBase with a significant increase in functionality and speed.

Read the full article, Minesoft Turning Patent Information into Insight here.