Press release

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Global Intellectual Property information specialist Minesoft has released a new, improved version of CiteTracker, the only application on the market able to automatically track and identify newly published patent citations.

Patent citations can provide a valuable insight into competitor activity and opportunities and threats around technology areas of interest. Tracking patent citations forms an important part of an organisation’s competitive intelligence strategy and CiteTracker – launched originally at the end of 2014 – allows users to be automatically alerted to new citations of interest each week as they are added to patent documents.

Rob Poolman, Senior Manager, Innovation and Consulting at Minesoft, explains, “Organisations can use CiteTracker in-house to monitor which competitors are citing their own patent portfolio, or to discover what technologies are most frequently being cited. IP law or patent attorney firms can expand their IP services offering by providing clients with a watch service based on CiteTracker results. With no comparable services currently available on the market, CiteTracker offers organisations a unique, time-saving business intelligence resource.”

The latest iteration of CiteTracker follows an extensive period of development and testing by Minesoft’s in-house software development team, with the aim of improving the user experience and maximising the time-saving capabilities of the service. Features such as the ability to filter citations by direction (backward/forward), jurisdiction, examiner category code and assignee, and the option to remove self-citations, all speed up the review process. For the first time, Analytics functionality has been built in to the service, enabling users to visualise the number of citations over time and the top assignees (patent owners). The all-new interface also includes seamless links to Citation Explorer – an interactive tool developed by Minesoft for exploring citation data including a citation tree and timeline – for in-depth investigation of relevant citations.

With additional capabilities including enhanced reporting functionality and the collation of all alerts into a single, simple email, CiteTracker presents a streamlined solution for capturing and reviewing newly published patent citations as part of a comprehensive Competitive Intelligence strategy.

For more information about CiteTracker, contact Minesoft on [email protected] or +44(0)208 404 0651