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This study from Victor Green explores how machine translations open the possibilities for reviewing international search results and to provide translations of keywords to broaden patent search strategies.

This article outlines six simple steps to help ensure and effective and comprehensive patent landscape analysis.

This article explains how finding the right patent knowledge management solution can save you time and money by protecting your company’s innovations and avoiding infringement.

This Patent Landscape analysis visualises trends in the cybersecurity technology landscape. Using Minesoft’s patent analysis tools to present the information in an easy-to-understand way.

This Patent Search Techniques guide shows how the world of patent information continues to grow with Patent Search Techniques evolving and becoming more complex and how Minesoft can help.

This article discusses the benefits of using an open Patent Strategy or a closed patent strategy using a series of case studies where different patent strategies are used to encourage innovation.

This article explains how IP Knowledge Management or patent portfolio management tools can be implemented to improve IP awareness throughout a corporation.

This article explains how IP counsel professional patent departments are finding value through the open sharing of clean patent data with online Patent Software Solutions.

This article uses patent analytics to visualise some of the Patent Trends that are fighting some of the effects of global warming. The hottest 10 years on record have all been in the past 15 years

This patent landscape analysis visualises trends in climate mitigation technology. Analytics V2 aids companies in discovering new opportunities and monitoring technology.

This article discusses the benefits of the patent system in promoting growth in the chemical information sector. Chemical Explorer’s translation technology is examined in this article.

This article evaluates the developments made in the field of interlingual machine translation and analyses the trends within this field of innovation and the role machine translations play with regard to intellectual property.

This article details the value of complete citation information for a detailed patent landscape analysis. Minesoft’s CiteTracker is a useful tool to aggregate global citation information.

This article highlights how legal expenditure on patent applications and maintenance fees are a good indicator of confidence in a technology field through a comprehensive landscape analysis of the cybersecurity sector.

In this article, PatBase Analytics V2 is used to do a competitive landscape analysis and extract insights into the fast-growing technology area of autonomous vehicles.