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Patent searching, made simple with AI

Complex patent searching, made simple with AI

Minesoft Origin offers advanced AI patent search features, powerful analytics, and integrated workflows to connect innovators to insights.

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Unearth powerful insights today, for the innovations of tomorrow
Industry-leading artificial intelligence

Discover the simplicity of AI searching using powerful Natural Language Processing. Empower your team to make better decisions in fast-moving markets. With Smart Summaries, you can spend less time reviewing patent documents. Instantly understand what a patent covers without having to read the entire document.

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Comprehensive company search

Easily review a company’s patent portfolio by including subsidiaries for a company with one click. Explore complex corporate structures and select the parent companies and subsidiaries of interest to visualise where a patent sits within a corporate tree.

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Intuitive & intelligent interface

It is the ideal platform to provide R&D and IP Legal professionals with the patent intelligence required to make strategic decisions. So easy to use, that it can be operated by anyone. Complex patent information can be presented in simple language, designed for users who have time constraints.

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Take your patent search & monitoring to the next level with unique features

Empower your team with cutting-edge AI patent searching

Spend less time reviewing complex patent documents with easy-to-understand Smart Summaries

Easily monitor trends, understand the competitive landscape, and transform big data into actionable knowledge

Monitor critical internal applications and gain competitive intelligence with automated alerts

Take advantage of our flexible search features including unlimited left-hand truncation & proximity operators

Easily search for quantities and ranges and combine with your advanced search query with cutting-edge quantity searching

Choose to organise results by application, publication, Minesoft family, or extended families

Track progress and simplify communication between R&D and legal teams with our seamless internal collaboration system

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