Press release

London, Wednesday 4th November: Global patent information software specialist Minesoft today announced the launch of a new product designed to help researchers explore scientific patent documents in more depth, TextMine.

Patent documents are rich in scientific technical terminology but can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate due to the large numbers of long documents searchers need to review and the specific language used. TextMine is a new software developed by Minesoft as part of their Chemical Explorer project that enables information professionals to mine the full text of patent documents to extract key terms and better visualise and understand the content.

TextMine has been integrated into PatBase – the global, searchable patent database created by Minesoft in partnership with RWS Group – to offer patent information professionals a more powerful new text Viewer. Users can explore in depth the chemicals, genes, proteins, diseases and a range of physical parameters disclosed in full text patent documents, with automatic highlighting speeding up the review process. TextMine provides links to access further information about terms identified on a range of external resources.

Ann Chapman, Director at Minesoft, said, “TextMine is a visually attractive Viewer software product that will be integrated into Minesoft search solutions such as Chemical Explorer to enhance chemical and scientific patent information retrieval. We have added it also to PatBase, the widely-used global patent database, to enable PatBase searchers to extract key chemical and scientific parameter terms from within patent documents and explore them thematically, with an emphasis on chemical-related concepts. TextMine is available now to all PatBase users at no extra cost, helping overcome some challenges involved in reviewing dense patent texts and offering a powerful, efficient new Viewer.”

For more information about TextMine and PatBase, contact Minesoft on [email protected] or call 0044(0)2084040651.