Minesoft supports Richmond BID’s
anti-covid cleansing initiative

Minesoft is supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic through Richmond Business Improvement District’s (BID) new Safe S.P.A.C.E initiative. This morning, on Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London, Gabriel Irwin (Vice Chair of Richmond BID) outlined how the anti-covid initiative would roll out in Richmond, with the taskforce ready to begin the cleansing programme tomorrow.

S – Sanitizer freely available
P – Protective equipment for staff
A – Area social distancing
C – Cleansing of all surfaces
E – Environment is safe and hygienic

Over 13 million people come through Richmond station every year. As lockdown in the UK eases and businesses are beginning to return with new “social norms” in place, this SPACE initiative should reassure retail and hospitality businesses, as well as encourage shoppers and visitors back into Richmond.

An important part of the SPACE initiative is to deep cleanse the town centre with a new long lasting anti-covid viricidal spray. This new disinfectant technology is harmless to passers-by and is already being used on London’s public transport network. It not only kills covid-19 pathogens within seconds, it also creates a barrier against future infections and, once applied, will remain active for up to 2 days. An estimated 10,000 square metres of surface area will be disinfected twice weekly as part of the BID’s initiative, leading the way for London town centres.

The current situation has shown how important it is to protect ourselves from viruses. Unsurprisingly, inventors are still looking to further improve virus cleansing methods with several novel anti-covid spray patents filed since November 2019, when coronavirus was first identified in China. A recent patent filing, which can be viewed on PatBase, is an intelligent disinfecting robot. This smart robot on wheels, complete with a sense and control unit, can detect coronavirus characteristics and provides a variety of disinfection methods, including ultrasonic, air filtration and ultraviolet spray units, to effectively block the spread of new coronavirus.

CN111110896 A

To keep up to date on the latest technology filings and learn more about PatBase, please visit

To listen to Gabriel Irwin’s interview on Vanessa Feltz BBC radio London, please visit and go to 21 minutes into the broadcast.

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