The advent of available clean patent data


Published: 2 March 2020

Using data science: Utilising patent analysis as a way to track financial investment in the cybersecurity technology area


Investment is best tracked by actual legal expenditure, which is perfectly tracked by patent applications, family members and maintenance fees. The advent of available clean patent data allows for business-critical inferences based on new forms of data science, driving competitive intelligence and landscaping to a new level. This surely shows who in fact is putting their money on the table rather than just “talking-the-talk”. By mining this data, we can find out who are the top players in this field, which locations they are prioritising and the most overcrowded areas of investment.

Using PatBase Analytics V2, global patent information is used to complete a full landscape analysis in the field of cybersecurity, with a particular focus on secure payments innovation. The analytics tool is used to graphically illustrate jurisdiction and assignee information that can produce valuable insights to assist companies in identifying new/emerging markets, the actions of competitors and partners and inform the company which parts of their portfolio are most valuable.