Investigating the cybersecurity technology area & top tips on patent landscaping


Published: 23 March 2021

In the third webinar in Minesoft’s Strategic IP series, Patent Expert Tony Trippe from PatInformatics will be updating us on what’s changed since his original report on Cybersecurity published in 2018 and how you can recreate similar patent landscape reports for any technology area.

As most industries are embracing the changes that digitalisation and automation bring, companies need to manage the new threats that come with it. Companies will be vulnerable if their cybersecurity capabilities fail to keep pace with the accelerated digital transformation and increased remote working that coronavirus has necessitated. As evolving cyberattacks threaten significant costs, companies have no choice but to act decisively to reduce risk exposure. During the webinar, Patent Expert Tony Trippe looks at patent trends to investigate the cybersecurity technology landscape and gives his top tips on running a successful patent landscape analysis.