A truly global Patent Citation database


Published: 2 March 2020

Patent Citations, extracting valuable insights from an often-overlooked complex data source


Many patent databases use a very limited global footprint of citations, sticking only to the major jurisdictions. This makes it difficult to get a complete picture or even sort results of publications or families by most cited. For full analysis, using a truly global patent citation database is critical where all members of a patent family can be viewed for each members’ individual citations, and in aggregate.

Furthermore, the ability to not only review citations for one publication or a single-family but for an entire result set, portfolio or technology sector makes a huge difference, especially when looking at finding prior art or when performing a landscape analysis to understand technology shifts and threats from both entrenched and new market players. Until recently, big data complexity and indexing issues stifled this ability.

Minesoft’s CiteTracker uses a customisable patent search query to identify the patent families of interest to the user and then monitors all backward and forward citations for these families. This has the important advantage of taking into account new patent families that may be created after the query has run the first time, guaranteeing not to miss any valuable new invention.