Examine patent information from multiple angles


Published: 2 March 2020

Protecting Investments and encouraging innovation in the pharmaceutical industry


The EPO reports a 13.9% increase in patent filings for 2018, marking the second consecutive year of double-digit growth in pharmaceutical filings at the EPO. Despite this rich resource for patent data, extracting the valuable chemical information embedded in global patent literature has historically presented researchers with steep challenges.

Chemical patents can be hundreds if not thousands of pages in length and searchers often struggle to identify where within a document the chemical compound of interest has been disclosed. Being able to quickly locate the exact instances of the chemical in a patent document can make the review of multiple documents more efficient. It is vital for companies within the pharmaceutical sector to acquire tools that help interrogate global chemical patent data to identify viable whitespace for investment. PatBase allows searches to be carried out on patent documents from all sectors published anywhere in the world. The ability to examine patent information from multiple angles ensures that meaningful decisions can be taken based on the results.