Taking Out The Trash


Published: 2 March 2020

Big industry starts clearing up the mess made by our ‘throwaway’ society


Over recent years, the public’s awareness of the impact of pollution and climate change has grown, and big industry is being forced by governments and consumers alike to step up its game in reducing plastic usage and mitigating their own carbon footprint.

Solid waste management is a means of protecting the public and the environment from the harmful side effects of waste. Research and development into solid waste management is crucial to establish new production and consumption patterns. As more and more companies are held accountable for their plastic footprint, companies such as BP are trying to find fixes internally

This article explores topics including China’s growing consumerism and its innovative efforts to catalyse change as well as the relationship between green growth and the GDP gap. Forward citations and landscape analysis lend insight into industry-wide investment as a result of patent value and room for development in the concepts, respectively.