patbase 2.0 webinar

PatBase 2.0 will be launched next Monday, September 7th, 2020!  

Following the launch of the new Search Engine, the Minesoft Support team will be running webinars for our customers to cover what is new in PatBase, PatBase Express and PatBase Analytics V3.  The well-liked previous syntax of commands is carried over but there are numerous new possibilities for in-depth searching very fast and this will be demonstrated in the new Webinar Series. 

Each webinar will be scheduled for 45 minutes and will include Q&A with the Minesoft team. 

PatBase 2.0: What’s New?

Join the PatBase 2.0: What’s New? webinar to learn more about the biggest update to PatBase. 

The Minesoft Support team will highlight what is new, to help Users familiarise and make the most of new functionality as well as updated features. 

During this 45minute session we will cover: 

  • Search Language – new features and options  
  • New Search Commands and Truncation Symbols 
  • Updated Search Forms 
  • Optimise and Explore Searches 
  • Updated Highlighting 
  • New Export options
  • Improved quick Snapshot 
PatBase Express: What’s New?

The Minesoft Support team will focus on PatBase Express basics and new features added during the search engine development. 

This session will cover what is new and show how to: 

  • Navigate the PatBase Express interface 
  • Search for patent documents using the search forms 
  • Review patent documents 
  • Save and share records 
  • Run a rapid analysis using Snapshot 
PatBase Analytics V3 

The Minesoft Support team will focus on what is new PatBase Analytics V3 offers very powerful, instant analysis of unlimited PatBase records. Large result sets can be analysed in a matter of seconds with no sampling applied. 

This webinar will cover new features of Analytics V3 and show how to: 

  • Navigate the Analytics dashboard 
  • View analysis charts  
  • Group and extract data 
  • Share and manage analyses 
  • Run a comparison analysis 
  • Generate reports 
Visit our Minesoft Webinars page to register for these sessions now! 


Scheduled Standard Training Webinars will resume in October but can be offered to small in-house groups on request, as usual.