New PatBase enhancements

New PatBase Enhancements  


The Minesoft development team has been working hard on new PatBase enhancements to provide users with useful features to help with their patent searching needs. These include a new Patent Valuation System and Insights tab to help understand the potential value of a patent, recently added EP Designs documents which can be easily searched for using a kind code, and a new Unified Patent Court legal event code. 

New Patent Valuation System added into Insights 


The new insight Tab gathers several existing tools as well as the newly released Patent valuation score into a single location. Here users can easily review a patent family to determine its importance, value, and place in the IP marketplace. The owner of the family is analysed, and their jurisdictions of interest, total portfolio, and their application to grant velocity is visualised.  

Detected competitors operating within the same space are also presented, which can be useful for companies looking to move into a new technology space: by running an insight on IP owned by known competitors’ users can surface other companies that also occupy the space .

The new Patent Valuation Score allows companies to easily differentiate IP which has a higher impact and more potential value within technology area vs families that have less impact/ weight: this can be vital for determining which parts of your portfolio to maintain and which to let lapse, which items of IP you may wish to acquire from acompetitor, or indeed which companies merging or acquiring might bring the most value/technology space control.  

PatBase enhancement PVS screenshot


New EP Design Documents 


PatBase has added New European Designs documents. These highly sought-after designs can now be easily accessed through our kind code search feature, using the KD=EMD search parameter.  

PatBase now includes a comprehensive collection of designs from major global markets, including the US, China, and now the EPO. Users can take advantage of the full spectrum of design possibilities from around the world.  

The addition of EPO design is not limited to new and current designs but also includes a substation backfile of historical EP designs, which are now available in PatBase.  

New Unified Patent Court Status Code 

Earlier this month, PatBase added a new legal status event code. The UPO code is useful for those who wish to see the list of causes related to the Opt-Out of the legal event. Thanks to this recently implemented functionality, companies worldwide will be able to choose whether to register using the UPC or the conventional EPO approach. The UPO code will also provide an insight into what competitors are doing in this field.  

PatBase is the leading global patent database, relied on by over 90,000 innovators and legal professionals across all industries. Perform accurate patent searches and analysis to protect, manage and advance your IP position and ensure you’re never caught off guard. Contact us today to find out more about our suite of global patent information solutions and understand which would best suit your needs.

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