The world’s most definitive engineering and technology non-patent literature database

  • Non-Patent literature in the fields of physics and engineering
  • Over 15 million articles abstracted and indexed by experts
  • Dynamic interfaces designed for both expert searchers and end users to take advantage of in-depth indexing in a web environment
  • Text and Cluster Analysis tools enable users to visualise and further analyse results graphically

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A choice of easy to use search forms or command line searching for advanced users

Dynamic indexing systems ensure rapid and precise searching.

Quality checks maintain data standards, leading to better quality results.

IET INSPEC takes the latest information from over 8,000 science journals and research papers to provide up-to-date snapshots of the latest engineering and technology research and cutting edge development around the world.

Ideal for keeping informed of emerging ideas before products are brought to market.

A host of additional features

Direct links to original full text articles for ease of document ordering

Updated weekly to ensure a rapid alert service for current awareness and an ever-growing reference archive

Reviewing research findings is faster and easier with Minesoft’s advanced highlighting options

User-friendly search forms and expert command line searching available

Alter the display of information to suit individual preferences

Flat rate, all-inclusive annual subscriptions are offered for individual use   

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Identify quality information for a wide variety of needs, including state of the art searches, identifying peer reviewed articles and more. Inspec can be used to alert you to new developments, track technologies or competitors and analyse data using the integrated tools.

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Dynamic indexing

A range of indexing options have been added to each abstract by subject specialists to enhance rapid retrieval.

Thesaurus: A dynamic and evolving vocabulary of over 9600 scientific terms to improve accuracy and quality.

Classification: An extensive hierarchal classification helps you to limit your searches to subject areas of interest. IPC codes are added where available to facilitate cross-database searches. Treatment codes allow you to restrict your search to a specific type of data (e.g. experimental results, market data and new developments).

Document types: Restrict your search to particular document types (e.g. journal articles or conference papers).

Numerical data indexing: Standardises terminology and values to retrieve significant measurements.

Chemical substance indexing: Aids retrieval of non-stoichiometric inorganic compounds and material systems.

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Global peer-reviewed Engineering & Technology research literature.

Over 15 million articles from 1898 to present, abstracted and indexed by experts.

Sourced from 8,000 scientific & technical journals plus conference reports, books and videos.

Choice of interface: Advanced professional or end-user Express.

Use folders to save results for future use and manipulation and share results with colleagues.

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