Powerful, in-depth analysis in seconds

  • Visualise a birds-eye view of market trends and key competitors as well as identification of potential business partners and licensing opportunities
  • Create visually appealing reports to communicate the results clearly for key decision makers in a boardroom environment
  • Gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current landscape, predict where your market is heading and spot trends in areas of interest to aid investment
  • A critical step in research and development as well as competitive or patent strategy for any company or institution

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Competitive intelligence & business strategy

Having a strong patent portfolio is vital to grow as a company in any innovation-driven industry. Not only to prevent imitators from copying your ideas and to gain the maximum profit from your innovations but also for smaller companies to negotiate on equal terms with large corporations.

The key behind attaining and maintaining a strong patent portfolio is having access to comprehensive patent data and a powerful analysis platform to interrogate the information. Analytics V2 combines high-quality patent data from over 106 authorities with powerful analytics software, developed by patent information experts. Help your company grow by identifying potential opportunities, monitoring your competitors and managing your own patent portfolio with ease.

  • Visualise the landscape before entering into a  new market to reduce risk of infringement and to spot the areas of white space
  • Extensive information about recurring inventors in technology areas of interest can be used to spot up and coming talent for your team
  • Scrutinise what your competitors are up to by analysing their patent portfolio and recent patent filings
  • Monitor your own portfolio: Are your patents are about to expire? Are competitors about to infringe on your IP? Are new players moving into your area?
  • Easy-to-understand graphs and charts can be shared with both experienced patent professionals and those without patent know-how – ideal for presenting in boardroom environments



Protect and commercialise patent portfolios

Legal professionals are regularly faced with huge stacks of patent documents to get through when interrogating a technology area, monitoring competitors and managing the portfolio on behalf of clients. Analytics V2 speeds up this process by providing an instant overview of patent documents in your result set, taken from 106 jurisdictions all on one platform.

Visualise this data by utilising analysis tools to gain a comprehensive overview of a company’s patent portfolio to better understand current and future opportunities and threats. Analytics V2 produces an accurate description of key players in the marketplace, can provide early warning on a company’s strategies and general commercial activities, as well as, identifying white space in a crowded technology field.

  • Manage your client’s patent portfolios with ease: Are their patents soon to expire? Are competitors threatening to infringe on their IP? Are their new players moving into the area?
  • Maximise your client’s ROI of their IP: Identify potential licensing opportunities and ensure imitators aren’t copying your client’s innovations
  • Create reports to impress: Easy-to-understand charts and graphs are ideal for sharing insights with both experienced patent professionals and for those without patent know-how
  • The Analytics Viewer makes it easier to share charts with clients and colleagues, a new “Note” feature allows you to quickly add your expertise to the data
  • Ideal for patentability searches, freedom to operate searches, landscape analysis, monitoring the development of competitors


Innovative research and development

Over 70% of the world’s scientific knowledge is found only in patents, a rich source of legal, business and technical information. Arm your R&D team with a powerful patent analysis platform so ensure your resources don’t get squandered reinventing the wheel.

Patent data, publicly published and readily available, is an excellent source of external ideas and information that can encourage open innovation. With Analytics V2, users can harness this source of information to identify opportunities and threats to a business to improve its survivability and profitability in in the modern marketplace.

  • Extensive information about recurring inventors in technology areas of interest can be used to spot up and coming talent for your R&D team
  • Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel – quickly analyse which areas of innovation are most contested
  • Analytics V2 is compatible with PatBase Express, the streamlined, easy-to-use patent database – ideal for non-IP experts
  • Our experienced Support team provide free online training to make sure users gain the maximum benefit from Analytics V2

Academic institutions: Research & tech transfer

Patent information plays a vital role across all stages of research and tech transfer functions at academic institutions as a rich source of unencumbered technical and scientific information. As patents are often the first and only source of disclosure for new inventions, institutions that ignore patents as a potential source of information risk delaying or, at worse, preventing innovation.

Analytics V2 allows users to seriously speed up their research with high-quality patent data from over 106 countries to find partnerships, investment and commercialisation opportunities. Effortlessly visualise the landscape with Analytics V2 to gain actionable competitive intelligence, pinpoint licensing opportunities and discover the white spaces in areas of interest.

  • Topographical landscape maps make it easy to spot which areas are heavily protected and where the white space is in areas of interest
  • Find out which companies are filing in your technology area to identify potential licensees for your inventions
  • Protect your innovations by monitoring new players, and ensuring that imitators aren’t infringing on your intellectual property
  • Analytics V2 is compatible with PatBase Express, the streamlined, easy-to-use patent database – ideal for non-IP experts
  • Our experienced Support team provide free online training to make sure users gain the maximum benefit from Analytics V2

Take a look inside

Patentability searching

  • Quickly identify where technology is being patented to help direct your own patenting decisions
  • Discover if there are patents in force which would interfere with your application by analysing the legal status
  • Easily take results back into PatBase to interrogate in more detail

Monitor competitors

  • Which jurisdictions are they filing under?
  • What has been their patent filing activity over the years?
  • Who are the key inventors within the company?
  • What are the top classification codes for their portfolio?

Landscape analysis & FTO searching

  • Build a comprehensive search strategy with keyword clustering
  • Identify relevant classification codes with classification analysis to further develop your search strategy
  • View data from a number of angles to gain a visual overview, i.e. jurisdiction, year, assignee, inventor…

Whether you’re monitoring your own portfolio, acquiring new talent or visualising new markets and competitor activity, let PatBase Analytics V2 light the way ahead!

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