The ideal tool to streamline the workload for all IP legal professionals

A streamlined system for Patent Attorneys, IP Paralegal teams and other IP professionals to support key activities in prosecution, with unique features...

  • Family tree mapping
  • Auto-populate IDS forms
  • Family legal reports
  • Comprehensive Legal Status information
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Powerful machine translations
  • Unlimited global PDF downloads
  • Optional PAIR alerts

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Time-saving tools to streamline your workload

PatDocs provides a time-saving and cost-effective solution to help streamline the hefty workload of IP professionals, with automated software to save hours on otherwise slow, manual processes.

Visualise a patent family tree in a completely unique way with the ground-breaking mapping functionality. The family tree can be viewed and shared at any level of family complexity – even when dealing with US continuity. Save hours and have a shareable birds-eye view and priority map instantly.

Generate an IDS form with unlimited patent references, edit on the fly and export the SB08 and the corresponding PDFs of all foreign art as an Excel file to easily input into your docketing tool – saving paralegals countless hours.

Comprehensive and shareable legal status information

Accurate and timely legal status information received directly from top patent offices worldwide.

Create comprehensive global legal reports, combining data from key  patent offices with the links you need and easy to follow layouts – links to the full text, file history, legal status viewer, family tree and more remain live even when sharing externally.

Review, share and export quickly and with ease, using the convenient export tools included in PatDocs.

View legal status information for any patent family in timeline or table view with the Legal Status Viewer.

Share the data from the integrated legal status viewer easily, by email, sharing an offline link or download/export.


Take PatDocs for a test drive

Streamline your workload with PatDocs, especially designed for Patent Attorneys and IP Paralegal teams to support key activities in prosecution.

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Rapid and convenient document ordering

Fast, reliable ordering of global patent documents as PDFs with Minesoft PatentOrder – one of the fastest, most respected and widely used software solutions for obtaining original copies of patents. Users include National Patent Offices, many hundreds of top corporations and IP law firms.

PatentOrder reaches out to major collections on every continent, including USPTO, EPO, DPMA, China, Japan, Korea and Minesoft’s own extensive archive.

Order individual documents on-the-fly or bulk order patent copies, translations, legal status reports and more…


Automate tracking changes with PAIR Alerts

Minesoft offers PAIR Alerts for monitoring any changes in cases. Receive weekly, monthly or quarterly summary emails containing all changes over the selected period. Alerts can be sent to multiple recipients at once and will contain links to family trees showing parent and child patent relationships.

Monitor file history, transaction history, and see all continuity data for a specific application. Identify unpublished child applications filed for a case of interest and track competitors to see which patent applications pose a risk or opportunity for your company.

In addition to the USPTO, PatDocs users can now set up alerts on file histories from other top patent offices around the world. These include:
• European Patent Office
• World Intellectual Property Organization
• South Korea
• Japan

Take a look inside

Family tree

  • Provide a visual priority map inclusive of all US continuity filings and full ancestry
  • Isolate individual publications anywhere on the tree to see only the priority documents that affect the selected record
  • View the ties between documents - even if they are unpublished
  • Share, print and export seamlessly with no redistribution or archival fees

Collaborate effectively

  • Transfer knowledge company-wide
  • Easy export tools and offline links to share externally

Order patent document copies

  • Integrated, fast PatentOrder document delivery service

Simple search

  • Search the US patent database back to 1790 (updated on day of publication!)
  • Integrated quick analysis to identify emerging trends and visualise patent data in different ways

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