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Services include:

  • Save time locating IP documents and non-patent literature with Tempus IP 24 hours a day
  • Talk to an experienced adviser if you need assistance with your order
  • Online tracking system lets you easily manage your account to retrieve orders
  • Integrate with PatentOrder and other Minesoft products to streamline your IP process
  • Bulk supply available for special one-off projects
  • No deposit or up-front commitment required

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Document ordering and file wrappers

The interactive Tempus IP website, developed by Minesoft, allows customers to order US and non-US File Histories (also known as File Wrappers), certified documents, non-patent literature, trademark IP documents and hard-to-find patent copies. Services also include chain of title searches, legalizations and authentications, USPTO hand-delivery services and legal or machine translations.


Well-located to take advantage of USPTO document resources and with established contacts to other major IP centres globally, Tempus IP offers a flexible, trouble-free and cost-effective IP document ordering service.

Intelligent solutions tailored to specific needs

Along with the services outlined above, Tempus IP also provides customized solutions that address the client’s time and personnel constraints.

The widest range of IP professionals turn to us to outsource a project: whether it’s extracting 500+ patent numbers and establishing a storage protocol, or retrieving more than 250 patent numbers and performing related chains of title within a tight deadline, Tempus IP has the technology and talent to deliver on time and within budget.

Contact us for a quote.

Quality machine-assisted or human translations of patent abstracts

Whether you need foreign patents translated into English or English abstracts of foreign patents that have also been filed in an English-speaking country, let Tempus IP provide you with the highest-quality machine and professional translation services available in the industry.

Machine Assisted Translations are available within 24 hours in the following languages: Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Human translations into English are also available for these and many other of the world’s 160 known languages.

Tempus IP Legalisation services

Preparation of a variety of IP documents including certificates of incorporation, deeds of assignment, powers of attorney, affidavits, and other notarized or certified documents needed for filing abroad.


Authentication of documents for filing in foreign countries that are parties to the Hague Apostille Convention.

Legalization of documents for use in countries that are not parties to the Hague Apostille Convention.

Lightning fast delivery of searchable US file histories

  • Tempus IP provides your organization with US and international file histories, in searchable PDF formats for easy review

  • Optional bookmarks for a nominal fee to make reviews even easier!

  • Wide range of delivery methods: download from our website, email or CD-ROM

  • Personal archive of ordered documents - no need to pay twice

  • In need of just NPL documents? No need to order the entire file, choose our NPL Only option and we can get these to you quickly

  • Need a File Wrapper reviewed? Need only copies of selected papers? We have experienced staff to review the original USPTO file on-site to meet your needs

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