The Annual Consumer Technology Association conference (CES) showcases innovation. Held online as a “virtual” event, we took a look at the creativity and innovation of the featured technology in this year’s showcase. The shared global needs of the COVID pandemic are leading to a spate of new ideas and patent activity! 

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Some notable inventions from CES inspired by the pandemic include:

LG’s Portable Air Purifier (US2020282797)

This lightweight, air cleaning fan is designed to remove particulate matter in the surrounding environment, to prevent allergens that can cause respiratory and skin diseased. Designed to fit comfortably in a car cup-holder or a handbag when moving around, this air purifier might be an ideal companion for clearing the air in confined spaces.

pandemic patent

Koehler’s Updated Automatic Faucet (US2020209897 AA)

Though automatic taps are already popularly used to prevent touching handles to turn on or off, this new Koehler tap has integrated image recognition technology which helps to determine the “flow duration, fluid flow temperature, or fluid flow rate”.

Koehler also has a separate recent patent application for a Smart Sink! This high-tech sink has an integrated microphone and speaker built-in that can support smart assistants such as the Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. Not only will this clean up the kitchen or bathroom surfaces by removing the need to have another device on the counter, but the voice activation can also be configured to control the sink, for example, to switch on “a faucet, a garbage disposal, soap dispensers, water filtration etc.”. 

Biointellisense’s Mobile Biometric-Data Hub

This wearable device is designed to adhere to the user’s skin and continuously monitor vital signs. The device can measure body temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, delivering health screening reports at regular intervals. The wearable would run multiple biometric readings to produce an accuracy-checked reading to a network. Biointellisense claims that this could be used for early COVID-19 screening and (they claim) the unintrusive device would be ideal for monitoring symptoms at school, home and work

Whether or not any of these new patented ideas are taken up or reaches the market, maybe we will see the innovative steps within them leading to future new products.

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