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Thanks to the biggest ever update to PatBase, users will be able to take advantage of lightning fast speed on a powerful patent database that can easily handle millions of documents at once. Working closely with user feedback, the Minesoft Development team has taken the opportunity to add to, update and improve many features.

With the launch of all these new features, now is the time to request your two-week free trial of PatBase 2.0 to find out how you can transform the way you work with access to one of the most comprehensive and efficient patent databases in the industry.

Blazing-fast searching – take advantage of flexible searching with limitless truncation and options (including publication level searching).

Combined multilingual searching – take advantage of new commands for searching across all original and machine translated text, search across all non-Latin and Latin text simultaneously.

Intelligent highlighting – takes into consideration all syntax making it easier to spot relevant information in a document, fast.

Super-fast and powerful PatBase Analytics V3 – analyse millions of patents instantly.

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