In an article recently published on LinkedIn, James Gray – Senior Software Developer at Minesoft – outlines the difficulties in understanding, interpreting and effectively visualising large datasets.

Minesoft’s automated systems are constantly updated with highly complex worldwide patent information. To turn this data into good intelligence, it is necessary to have well thought out, intelligent systems.

The goal set for Minesoft’s new patent analysis platform – PatBase AnalyticsV2 – was for all users, with any level of skill, to be able to take very large, highly complex patent datasets and easily present them in a visual way that is easy on the eye, easy to interpret and understand; and to be able to interact with and share this data.

The Minesoft Development Team found a way to cut out the time-consuming leg work normally associated with this process. By attaching AnalyticsV2 directly to the PatBase search results, you can accomplish all these tasks in one location. You can search high-quality, comprehensive patent data, and be presenting beautiful, accurate and meaningful visualisations to key decision makers in minutes.

Read James’ full article here.

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