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Alongside the big launch of PatBase 2.0 in early September this year, a massive new update was also rolled out in PatBase Express! The new improvements make the already user-friendly interface even more intuitive and informative upfront. Updates to the search forms, result reviewing features and the integrated analytics platform ensures PatBase Express is the best fit for an even wider range of researcher’s needs. This ideal online solution is accessible anywhere and to anyone, regardless of patent search experience. 

Updated Search Forms

There are multiple search forms available on PatBase Express that each support users to build a comprehensive search query. The search forms now include the updated ability to search in Latin, non-Latin and machine-translated texts simultaneously and to combine all search criteria in a publication level search to concentrate on exact publication matches. This combined language index covers the bases for researchers when used alongside the Term Translator tool as it means that the language barrier no longer poses an issue when searching for global patents.

Also, before the search is run from any of these search forms, users can see the number of hits next to the field once they finish typing. This feature helps users quickly identify if a typo was made and how many results they can expect from their search criteria!

New review features

After loading a search there are now additional filtering options in the Optimise tool. Users can choose to include or exclude categories from their result set based on Companies, Technologies, Countries or Publication Dates. This makes it even easier to refine result sets to generate a final clean set for efficient review.

The review process is further enhanced by the new publication highlighting within the family table. Full matches to a search query will have a solid orange highlight in the family table which is especially handy when searching on a publication level. The bright colour draws the eyes of the researcher to the match. From here, the user can click on the new quick links to open directly into the relevant section of the publication’s full text, saving them the need to scroll through the whole publication.

Partial matches are highlighted as well but with a blue gradient highlight, so the difference is visually clear. Partial highlighting ensures no close matches which may still be relevant are missed.

Powerful new analytics capabilities

Snapshot, the integrated analytics platform in PatBase Express, has been updated with powerful new capabilities including the ability to quickly load analyses of an unlimited number of families with no sampling required.

There are new additions to the Chart Settings in Snapshot to allow users to further customise the analysis generated. Also, there are new charts available under the Legal Status and Citation levels of analysis showing new angles of patent data that can be represented as a bar, pie or line chart, or as a raw data table. Helping to reveal new strategic insights from global patent data to aid decision making and business discussions.


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