Jason Resnick, Patent Agent at Minesoft, recently had an article published with well-known IP magazine, The Patent Lawyer. Resnick explained how IP counsel, paralegals and professional patent departments are finding value through the open sharing of clean patent data with Minesoft’s online patent software solutions.

The availability of patent data has allowed many organisations to infuse it into the decision-making process across the IP lifecycle. Departments from research and development, legal, licensing, risk management and business leaders all now gain some form of intelligence which is influenced by patent data. Whether it be for competitive assessments or internal information management.

Minesoft has invested in extensive development efforts to make all forms of our data easy to share with anyone in all our patent software solutions. This includes new access to special free viewers and even access to proprietary algorithmically calculated fields. In-house legal teams are encouraged to export or publish information and make it available to the likes of supporting outside counsel, third parties for litigation support, business partners and other stakeholders who could benefit from viewing. Such recipients do not need to have their own subscription access to Minesoft products or services, although many do decide to adopt the same tools for their ease of use and shareability in the other direction, too.

Patent software available in Pat-KM to analyse all activity

In particular, Pat-KM can be a brilliant tool to facilitate knowledge sharing within multiple business units, even across borders and globally. An ideal software solution for sharing and capturing insight and expertise – as well as vital patent data. Users can monitor key technologies or competitors, acting as an early warning system for a corporation, especially important in today’s world where technological change is developing very quickly. In addition to the constant surveillance of a technological field, Pat-KM offers the ability for data to be tagged and annotated by experts within a company, helping companies to develop their own powerful resource of in-house expertise that isn’t lost once a staff member leaves or retires.

Whatever your needs, Minesoft works with clients who require bespoke long and/or short-term online patent software solutions. The flexible approach of our in-house software development team ensures that we can provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible.

View the article in The Patent Lawyer, available here.