Register for the Minesoft workshop at PIUG Biotech on February 19th 2019!

How to take advantage of new features in PatBase, an exploration of PatDocs and what to expect next from Minesoft…

Speaker: Jason Resnick

Date & time: 02/19/2019 11AM

This workshop will showcase top Minesoft products, from new launches to updates on our existing suite of products.

Split into 3 parts, the first section of the Minesoft workshop will go through new features and updates to PatBase. Jason Resnick, an experienced Patent Agent, will demonstrate how to use the visually stunning and insightful citation networks now included in PatBase Analytics V2 to see who are the biggest influencers in a technology area. A mini-tutorial on using the new Export Wizard to save time when exporting in PatBase will also be included. All of the 15+ new features will be covered to ensure you are gaining the most possible from your subscription.

Secondly, Jason will give a brief exploration of PatDocs, a document delivery platform with innovative legal research tools included to streamline the daily workload of IP legal professionals. This will include a demonstration of the ground-breaking Quantity Search function included on the platform and a guide to setting up USPTO PAIR alerts, with direct links to file history and family tree.

Lastly, we’re excited to be able to showcase what’s on the horizon at Minesoft. We’re expecting 2019 to be a busy year with the relaunch of PatBase with a new super-fast search engine and publication level database which we hope will revolutionize patent searching for the information industry, as well as incorporating numeric range and unit conversion capabilities and more…

Whether you are already a Minesoft customer, or simply interested in finding out more about our suite of patent solutions – register today for the Minesoft workshop!