Register for Minesoft workshop at PIUG Annual Conference on the 5th May 2019

Minesoft Workshop: Updates to PatBase & PatDocs, introducing IPShare and what to expect next from Minesoft…

Speaker: Jason Resnick

Date & time: 05/05/2019 3PM

This workshop will showcase Minesoft’s most recent product enhancements, featuring data, design and analytics updates in PatBase, as well as the new US PAIR Alerts and ground-breaking Quantity Search function in PatDocs. Jason Resnick, experienced Patent Agent, will also be introducing Minesoft’s newly launched product IPShare, which focuses on workflow collaboration and knowledge sharing across the IP lifecycle.

Split into 3 parts, the first section of the Minesoft workshop will go through the new modern interface in PatBase and recent patent and legal status coverage updates. Jason will demonstrate how to use PatBase Analytics V2 to create visually stunning and insightful analysis charts.  For example, the citation network analysis enables users to explore and interact with the network to spot the biggest influencers in the technology area – a new & innovative way to interrogate patent data. These features are fully available to all PatBase professional users – with no hidden fees!

The second part of the workshop will focus on PatDocs – a new tool to streamline the workload of IP Professionals. The Quantity Search function allows numeric range and unit conversion searching, Jason will provide examples of how this function can be used and give a detailed review of the popular Family Tree Mapping feature. Rounding this section off, Jason will be introducing the new alerting capability – US PAIR alerts, which make it super easy to track legal status changes in your watchlist, bypassing the USPTO captcha.

The third section of the workshop will be an introduction to Minesoft’s newest product, IPShare, a patent collaboration tool with project-based monitoring, reviewing and sharing of patent information. Administrators can create and assign projects to users with various permission levels, as needed. Users with access to the documents can annotate, highlight, apply rankings and labels, and export the information. There is also a chat and action history functionality to keep up to date with another users’ activity.

To end the workshop, Jason Resnick will be giving a glimpse of what’s next in the Minesoft product development calendar – there are some exciting projects which we expect to launch in 2019, so register your place today to make sure you are kept in the loop!

Whether you are already a Minesoft customer, or simply interested in finding out more about our suite of patent solutions – register today for the Minesoft workshop!