The Power of Sharing: Disseminating IP information company-wide

In an article recently published on LinkedIn, Caitlin Kavanagh – Marketing Executive at Minesoft – outlines the importance of effectively disseminating IP information throughout a company.

For any innovation-driven industry, it’s crucial to be aware of the IP landscape in your technology area. The systematic retrieval and assessment of this data can provide insights into competitor activity, potential collaborators, technology trends and opportunities.

R&D departments benefit from an in-depth analysis of technological developments in their field of expertise and the identification of opportunities for new product development in low-risk areas to avoid wasted R&D time and costs. In the past, IP lawyers & specialist search firms would’ve presented R&D departments with a huge stack of patent documents to be reviewed, but there are now time-saving and cost-effective alternatives to sharing patent information.

Minesoft, in partnership with RWS, developed a streamlined and intuitive version of PatBase – PatBase Express. With over 50,000 users, many of our customers have hundreds or even thousands of IP-verified accounts, an ideal way to optimise research productivity, express searching with no training required. All users, with any level of skill, should be able to search and review large and highly complex patent datasets and to be able to interact with and share this data company-wide.

Read Caitlin’s full article here.

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