How to use PatBase Analytics to
translate patent data to colleagues
and managers

Patents often contain a large amount of technical jargon and detail. R&D professionals have the complex job of combing through thousands of patent documents to identify information of interest to the business. Extracting this information and translating it into presentable material for others to understand can be a challenge.

How can researchers translate this extremely technical information from a huge selection of patents to colleagues and managers? Managers are often being pulled in many directions for their time and attention, so getting the right information in front of them is crucial. This needs to be understandable and useful from a business strategy perspective. PatBase Analytics, available on PatBase and with PatBase Express, is a perfectly placed tool to help with this.

What is PatBase Analytics?

PatBase Analytics is a powerful analytics tool developed by Minesoft that is capable of drawing data from thousands of patent documents from the proprietary database, PatBase, and presenting the data in visually appealing and intuitive graphs. A graphical or statistical representation of patent data can help researchers draw meaningful conclusions such as identifying key players in a technical area, scoping the technology landscape for whitespaces, or identifying new areas of interest. These insights can be presented to prove tangible business value from patent research and R&D efforts.

How to present patent data using PatBase Analytics

Start with a basic keyword search on PatBase.

For example, the search query here is related to needleless vaccinations: TAC=((needleless OR needle free OR no needle) W5 (vaccin* OR inject* OR medica*)). This search query returns 1397 patent families containing global patent documents from across the 106 jurisdictions covered by PatBase, 74 of which are full text collections.

With just two clicks, a set of results can be loaded into PatBase Analytics, where the dashboard greets users immediately with valuable summary data and auto-generated graphs.

From here, there are various analytics options. For example:

Generate a bar chart of the top 10 assignees in a set of search results by applications, with additional bars representing the number of granted publications held by each assignee. Use this chart to instantly identify your biggest competitors in a specific field or see who holds patents for potential licensing opportunities.

PatBase Analytics Bar Chart

Or load a keyword landscape analysis to see which concepts are most frequently mentioned in a result set and identify whitespaces in the technology area. The topographical map is a great visual tool for presenting technical data, as it is clear to see the physical height differences in the 3D graphic.

PatBase Analytics Keyword Map

Alternatively, see which fields have the highest number of existing patents by analysing patent classification codes. Breaking down a result set by technology group can also help to identify less explored areas, or using the drill-down function on PatBase Analytics, you can click on any of the data points to view the inventions contained in each segment to scope the competition.

PatBase Analytics Pie Chart

Try PatBase for yourself

PatBase is a top global patent database with market-leading global patent coverage and data quality. If you are interested in trying PatBase for yourself, click here to register for a two-week free trial, and to learn more about the platform.

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